Electric Cars for Sale

Gaursa is proud to be at the forefront of the electric car revolution in Spain, and has a selection of models and prices from the best manufacturers in the market today, Renault and Nissan.

So whether you’re looking for a small, cheap little run-around or a hard-working van for your business, we’ve got a range of the very best electric cars for sale, not just in the Basque Country, but in the whole of Spain.

Renault Fluence Z.E
Renault Fluence
Renault Kangoo
Renault Kangoo
Renault Twizy
Renault Twizy
Renault Zoe
Renault Zoe
Nissan Evalia
Nissan Evalia
Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf

Information on Electric Cars

Introduction: what is an electric car and how do they work?

Put simply, an electric car or vehicle is one that uses an electric rather than an internal combustion (petrol/diesel) engine. They’re distinct from the more common hybrid car in that their engine is fully electric – most electric cars now use lithium-ion batteries for their balance of power, stability and cost-efficiency – rather than a combination of the two.

What are the advantages?

The main pros of electric cars relate to the environment.

While they’re zero exhaust emission, there are some emissions – albeit significantly less than those of a conventional vehicle – inevitably produced for the electricity involved in charging. What’s more the electric car’s on-board efficiency of around 80% compares extremely well with that of 15-20% for a diesel or petrol car.

3.- La ITV se pasa a precio de gasolina y no hace falta hacer la prueba de gases. Las revisiones son algo más económicas sin las sustituciones de aceites, líquidos y filtros en gran medida.

4.- El aparcamiento en zona azul es totalmente gratuito.

5.- Con los vehículos de movilidad eléctrica se puede circular por la mayor parte de las zonas limitadas al tráfico rodado por motivos de contaminación.

6.- Por motivos de prestaciones y características generales de los potenciales compradores, los seguros son algo más económicos.

7.- Menor nivel de ruido, vibraciones casi imperceptibles y casi no emiten calor.

8.- Menor posibilidad de averías mecánicas así como menor desgaste general de los neumáticos y componentes del sistema de frenado (dependiendo del conductor).

9.- Eficiencia energética entorno al 90% frente al 38% de un motor diésel medio.

10.- Par máximo desde 0 rpm y potencia constante.

Are electric cars safe?

Absolutely. Recent crash tests and battery risk analyses have shown that electric cars are at least as safe as their non-electric counterparts.

Charging electric cars:

There are various ways in which you can charge an electric car:

1. At home via the standard household electrical outlet into which you’d plug your television or vacuum cleaner

2. At a 3KW public charge spot

3. Trading your old battery in for a new one at a battery exchange.

Charging time can range from 6-12 hours for a full battery while the cost can be as little as €1-2 (depending, in both instances, on the power supply).

How much are electric cars?

Prices can obviously vary enormously – from the cheap to the wildly expensive. Here at Gaursa Motors we’re pleased to say we offer a few of the best value fully electric options on the market in Spain, from the Renault Fluence ZE to the Nissan Leaf.

As for how much they cost to run: they’re a lot cheaper than their petrol or diesel counterparts with a fully charged battery costing somewhere in the region of 1-2€ with an all-electric range of 185km.

Looking to buy an electric car in Spain? Browse the range that Gaursa have to offer above.